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What makes a good content strategy?

What makes a content strategy?

At TOMD we encourage and help firms to develop a content strategy which incorporates client communication and the campaigns they want to run during the course of the year. The main pillars are the end of tax year and the Budget, the others will tend to depend on your specialisms and your target market.

By viewing content over a 12 month basis and developing a calendar, you can identify the most relevant content that we provide and match it to your needs.

In addition to all the ongoing client communication content we produce, we also publish a series of over 20 guides which are perfect for use within campaigns. We provide campaign packages for those firms who want a quick and easy solution but the range of content we provide means that many firms use our publications are now content to develop their own campaigns.

When designing your tailored content strategy, we will help you:

We’ll assist in differentiating your clients according to their various characteristics, for example their life stage or the types of products they currently have. This will help ensure relevant communications down the line

We’ll help you decide on how frequently you want to be in touch with your clients during the year with (in addition of course to any reviews you have with them)

For example, you might send out an email with articles to all clients, with HNW segments also receiving a high-quality printed magazine (and a few extra magazines for your office meeting room, perhaps). And how about videos, social media and your website?

This won’t just be content about financial topics. For a fully rounded content strategy, we also recommend publishing content about your business, your people and your local community to personalise your firm and promote increased trust and engagement

Your content should cover topics that relate to the areas in which you provide advice: for example, the economy, fiscal events, the markets, pensions, savings, tax changes etc..

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