Marketing campaigns

At TOMD we help clients acquire and retain clients by creating marketing campaigns – often comprising many activities or items – that promote a particular product or service, targeted at a particular audience.

Reach your audience on the channel that suits them

A multi-channel approach to marketing increases the likelihood of converting viewers into paying customers. It ensures that a campaign reaches potential clients on the platforms and in the formats they prefer. 

TOMD provides financial advisers with all the marketing materials they need to launch successful marketing campaigns that capitalise on their audience’s financial requirements throughout the year.  

The materials come pre-approved and ready-to-use. Items can be personalised with your logo and contact details, and we even offer a managed service – so you can leave the distribution to us. 

Promote your products and services

Everything you need for campaigns that convert

Our campaigns help financial advisers promote a broad range of services at different points in the financial year. With topics such as end of tax year planning, each campaign consists of a complete package of marketing materials designed to promote a popular financial service.

Our campaign packages are made up of syndicated content, which is carefully researched and produced by our financial copywriting experts and used by hundreds of financial services firms every year.  

For each campaign, we provide:

  • Topical news articles
  • Social media posts
  • Email text
  • In-depth topic guides
  • Videos

Each of our campaigns revolves around a set of consistent key messages that carry through the content and contain a clear call to action so your audience understands what you want them to do next.

Bespoke campaigns

Tailored to fit your needs

We also have flexible bespoke options for firms who want to promote a particular product or service and who just need something extra. We can either work with you to produce fully bespoke campaigns or supplement any of our packages with bespoke elements tailored to your needs.

Our fully managed campaign service

We understand that the focus on client work means that marketing frequently slips to the bottom of the list. Not because you aren’t passionate about growing your business and gaining new clients, but simply because there aren’t enough hours in a day!

One of the key benefits of TOMD’s marketing campaigns is that we can manage everything for you from start to finish. We can upload content to your website, post social media content to your feeds and even send emails on your behalf.

With our campaigns, you can relax knowing the job is getting done and simply concentrate on what you do best.

What's in it for me?

The benefits of marketing campaigns

When done well, marketing campaigns are far more effective than the scattergun approach sometimes adopted by excited business owners who want to promote everything at once!

This is because they:

Campaigns that concentrate on promoting one product or service at a time enable businesses to organise and focus their marketing efforts throughout the year. When you are promoting one thing at a time, it is also easier to measure the results of your marketing campaign and calculate your return on investment.

Campaign marketing is also one of the best ways to ensure your team are all pulling in the same direction and using the same key messages to talk about your products and services. Not only will this increase the effectiveness of the campaign, but it will also boost morale by helping your team feel involved in achieving your objectives.   

Once you have created a single piece of content, it is far quicker and easier to repurpose that content for multiple channels than it is to keep creating content from scratch. You can also save time and money on photography and imagery by using the same designs across all channels.

Consistency across channels makes it much easier for your audience to understand the message you are sending and, importantly, what you want them to do about it.

Having the same messages going out on different channels will increase the likelihood of prospects remembering your brand and what you do when they are looking for similar services to your own. This consistency will also help build familiarity with your brand and build trust with your audience. 

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