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Getting started

Getting started

With the sheer number of different content mediums and distribution channels now available to firms, it’s unsurprising that many feel overwhelmed when starting out on their content marketing journey.

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Being specific with your objectives

We’ll start out by finding out what your business objectives are: perhaps you’re looking to retain the clients you already have, generate leads, or consolidate your offering and presence in the industry? 

Whatever your overall objectives, every piece of content you send should have a purpose and align with what you’re looking to achieve as a business.

‘There’s so much I want to say’

Client communication has many different purposes

Client communication has many different purposes. Some communications you send are designed to reassure clients (i.e., during periods of market volatility), whilst others will showcase your knowledge, experience, approachability and personality, both to existing and prospective clients and the industry as a whole.

Maybe you want to improve your social media engagement or presence, increase your client bank, or build your reputation. Sometimes, it can feel like there’s such a lot to say – but it’s vital to keep organised and say your piece in a way that fits with your overall objectives and your clients’ wants and needs.

Schedule your communication

Developing a calendar of content

At TOMD, we’re here to help you develop a content marketing strategy that meets your objectives.

All firms should have a content plan for the next 12 months – a content calendar – covering all your communications in their various forms. If you don’t, you’ll more than likely end up sending out random, disjointed communications that don’t work together to achieve your goals.

Purposeful, frequent and easily distributed content

Creating and distributing your content

Through a mix of high-quality pre-approved and bespoke content, we are the only content agency in the marketplace that not only creates content but combines it with the technology you need to distribute it effectively and provides a managed service designed to support you the whole way.

We have developed technology through our marketing store and our new content platform which facilitates easy ways to publish and distribute personalised, approved content to your clients. Also providing a managed service for firms with more complex requirements where we will produce and distribute the content for you to your exact requirements.

Let’s talk

We just get it

Something we hear from our clients all the time is that they’re relieved they’ve finally found a marketing agency that ‘just gets it’. We understand your situation because we’ve worked with hundreds of firms who have experienced similar marketing challenges to your own. And, based on this experience, we’ve spent decades developing a full suite of products and services that cater directly to your needs.

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