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Blending syndicated and bespoke content

Blending syndicated and
bespoke content

For many reasons – and not just the Consumer Duty – one-size-fits-all is no longer a suitable approach to client communication. Firms need to put in the extra work to not only segment their database, but also spend some time identifying the content that is relevant to them before distributing that content in the most efficient manner.

However, we find that many firms run into the ‘compliance barrier’ when it comes to producing and distributing content in a timely manner. No matter how efficient your compliance team, if you’re producing a lot of content there is likely to be a bottleneck while compliance wades through it. So, we produce a wide array of high-quality, compliance approved content that is ready to use

Content to meet your objectives

Syndicated content

Our syndicated content is an ideal way to distribute compliant content quickly and efficiently and forms the backbone of many of our clients’ annual content strategies. At TOMD we publish in excess of 300 different articles each year covering a wide range of topics. We don’t just bundle them into a newsletter and call it a day. We enable firms to mix and match our content in any way that suits them, ensuring every item they purchase is fit for purpose and aligns with their content objectives.

Add bespoke and a touch of personality

If you have specific target markets or would like your content to more clearly reflect your brand’s personality and values, it makes sense to supplement our syndicated content with bespoke content, written specifically for you and with your clients in mind. We find at TOMD that this blended approach is really working for many of our clients.

Content is king

A blended approach

In our view, we really can offer clients the best of both worlds: our syndicated content is cost effective, available instantly and pre-approved. Bespoke content, while more expensive, enables you to target specific groups with specific messages, and can be written according to SEO best practices.

In our view, no firm should solely be using syndicated content. Even the smallest of firms can and should be personalising that content not only with their logo and contact details, but at least some bespoke text. Think an introductory paragraph to an email newsletter from an owner or director; an accompanying letter personalised with your clients’ names; or an email newsletter that mixes syndicated content with some bespoke news about a company event or a new member of staff.

The larger a firm grows, the more bespoke content they should be using. This can start small – for example changing headings and images on syndicated content to align better with your brand and messaging – but it should also include fully bespoke articles written with your tone of voice and in accordance with SEO best practices.

A very small firm may rely on our syndicated content for 95% of their communications. For a firm of 20 advisers, that percentage may fall to 50% as their brand, tone of voice and key messages develop and become more defined.

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