Digital advertising

Digital or online advertising can help you achieve a broad range of business goals, including lead generation, brand awareness and increased website visits.

Digital advertising for professional services firms

TOMD helps professional services firms to advertise their products and services online in full compliance with any regulatory requirements that may apply to their industry.


When you get in touch with us, we’ll spend time finding out more about your business and marketing objectives. Based on what we learn, we’ll advise you on the most suitable advertising platform(s) to achieve your aims.

Once we have established your advertising strategy, it’s over to our content and graphic design teams. They will get to work creating engaging ad copy and eye-catching visuals for your advertising campaign. As your campaign progresses, we’ll monitor the results and adjust your ads accordingly to improve performance and maximise ROI.

Digital advertising explained

Types of digital advertising

Depending on your goals, some advertising platforms can be more effective than others. We can advise you on which of the following types of online advertising will be most appropriate for your objectives.

Search advertising is a type of pay per click (PPC) advertising that helps search engine users find your brand. It can be highly effective because it targets people who are already searching for the products and services you offer.

Advertisers bid on words and phrases that their target audience is likely to search for. The winning bid will feature in an advertising space (or placement) at the top of the search results page. You will only pay when somebody clicks on your PPC ad (hence the name pay per click advertising).

Social media advertising is an umbrella term for digital advertising that takes place on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Social media ads are a great choice for increasing engagement, improving brand awareness and driving traffic to your website. They can also be a more cost-effective option for firms on a budget.

This type of internet advertising uses visual ad formats such as banner or video ads to promote your products and services. They usually appear in the margins, headers and footers of websites and social media platforms to catch the eye of internet users.

Native ads essentially aim to mimic the organic (non-paid-for) content of a website or platform as closely as possible. If done well, they might not even be perceived as advertisements by their audience. For example:

A good investment

Benefits of digital advertising

There’s no denying that digital advertising comes at a cost. But the benefits can be extremely worthwhile for your business.

Benefits include:

  • Digital advertising allows you to reach audiences you would be unable to reach organically (i.e., without paying). Depending on the advertising platform, you can target precise segments of the population by characteristics such as demographics, job title or interests. Modern targeting can also help you reach very specific audiences, e.g. people with upcoming birthdays, newlyweds or parents with teenaged children.
  • It is easier to track results with online advertising than it is with traditional (e.g. print) advertising. Advertising platforms can track anything from the number of views or clicks on your ad, to how many people went on to purchase a product on your website.
  • Due to the above, it is much easier to track return on investment (ROI).
  • You get data on the success of your ads in real time, enabling you to make adjustments along the way to enhance performance.
  • Digital marketing can make it easier to drive conversions. It removes friction from the customer journey by eliminating traditional barriers to conversion, such as making a phone call, visiting a physical store or even searching for the right page on your website.
Digital advertising explained

Our process

When designing and implementing winning digital ad campaigns for our clients, we typically follow a seven-step process, as below:

We’ll have discussions to find out more about who you wish to target, what outcome you would like your advertisements to achieve, and how much you are prepared to spend.

We’ll develop one or more customer personas to help us visualise the various segments of your target audience, including the demographics and features they have in common.

Based on these customer personas, we will advise you on the most suitable advertising platform(s) and ad format(s) for your objectives.

Our content and graphic design teams will put their heads together to come up with eye-catching and engaging ads for your campaign.

Our digital advertising specialists will set up your campaign according to your agreed budget.

We will monitor the campaign carefully and advise when adjustments might be required to boost performance.

Once the campaign is completed, we will provide you with a full report with key statistics and commentary outlining the positives and negatives of the campaign and what could be improved next time.

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