We help our clients develop a content marketing strategy, create content that engages and interests their clients, and provide them with the resources they need to distribute that content in whichever format is best suited to their audience.

Content with a difference

TOMD is a content marketing agency with a difference. We believe that how you deliver your content matters just as much as the content itself.

We produce expertly written content for the professional services market, crafted by subject matter experts.

We help you quickly and easily distribute that content via the channel of your choice – using our technology or our managed service.

Keeping a keen eye on AI advancements

We pride ourselves on being progressive and collaborative – we aim to ‘make marketing solutions accessible to any professional services firm and enable seamless delivery to them and their clients’.

We have a record of utilising the latest technologies (our Content Development Platform is a great example). So, we have followed the evolution of AI content creation capabilities, such as ChatGPT, with interest.

Handy tools, providing research capabilities and identifying relevant trends, we regard these advancements as friend rather than foe, enabling us to enhance our content production process.

All part of the process

All of the content we create is carefully crafted to be meaningful and engaging for your audience. We approach each piece with thoughtfulness and empathy, incorporating the key messages and any calls to action.

It starts with in-depth research into the specific topic area and we meticulously source and verify each statistic and fact, using our in-depth technical experience to ensure accuracy. We bring understanding, experience and relevance.

Taking content a step further

Integrated content, seamless delivery

When we produce content for our clients, we’re always thinking of the bigger picture. While we can provide a content writing service in isolation, we prefer to take it a step further. 

We publish our content in a range of formats and distribute it via various channels, maximising the impact of your message and building brand awareness.

Take this news article for example:

Let’s say that you post it to your website. It may be read by a few clients or prospects who venture past the home page, but it may be missed by others who interact with your firm via other channels.

At TOMD, we identify the different ways we can help you distribute our content to maximise its impact. We adapt our content to suit multiple channels – emails, social media, videos, guides, e-books and more – and provide you with the means to distribute it quickly and effectively. So, your target audiences experience your content in the format and via the channel that best suits them.

By integrating and adapting our content, we help you communicate seamlessly and consistently across your marketing channels. It ensures that every person who views and interacts with your content receives the same message and impression of your brand.

An original article

can become…

Content that suits your needs

Our content marketing services

Our content marketing services can be broadly categorised into three areas:

Our syndicated content – otherwise known as pre-written or ready-to-use content – is used by hundreds of financial advisory and legal firms across the UK.

The content creation is overseen by our Head of Content, a Chartered Wealth Manager and experienced copywriter with years of experience in the financial services industry. She ensures that our syndicated content addresses the topics your audiences want to hear about, and is adapted to suit a range of formats and distribution channels.

Our syndicated content is an excellent choice for firms looking to keep their clients up to date with the latest news affecting their finances. From monthly updates on the property market and economy to quarterly financial newsletters, our syndicated content helps firms demonstrate their expertise and engage their clients.

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Unlike syndicated content, our bespoke content is written specifically for your business. Each piece of content uses your tone of voice, covers the precise topic you wish to address, and conveys your business’s point of view.

Our bespoke content is perfect for firms looking to demonstrate their take on what’s happening in their industry with thought leadership articles and opinion pieces. Bespoke content is also an excellent way for firms to show a bit of personality, helping them demonstrate their unique selling points and strengthen their brand.

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Many of the firms we work with are realising that search engine optimisation (SEO) is becoming increasingly essential to keep up with their competitors.

At TOMD, we use market-leading SEO software to review the bespoke content we produce and ensure it is fully optimised for search engines. Prior to starting work, our SEO specialists will conduct keyword research to identify the words and phrases your clients are searching for to find businesses just like yours. While writing your content, they’ll closely follow SEO best practices in order to maximise search exposure and drive qualified traffic to your website.

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