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Over four in 10 UK adults use search engines to find products and services. The top three search results get over half of all clicks. And 68% of all trackable website traffic comes from either organic or paid search.

Increase your online visibility

These statistics, and many more besides, demonstrate the importance of including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as part of your content marketing strategy if you wish to remain competitive and achieve your business goals.

At TOMD, we use market-leading software to guide our content creation and help professional services firms like you to increase their visibility on search engines.

The steps to optimised content

How does SEO content differ from ‘regular’ content?

Our SEO copywriters take a number of steps when researching and writing content optimised for search engines:

Our copywriters use specialist software to search for the keywords search engine users are inputting every day to find businesses like yours. Keyword research allows SEO content writers to understand what visitors to your site want to find, and put together a piece of content tailored to their needs.

Google’s algorithm has changed a lot over the years. Ten or 15 years ago, repetitive use of your chosen keywords might have been enough for your content to rank. Nowadays, search intent is Google’s number one priority when deciding which pages to rank.

Search intent is effectively the meaning behind your user’s keyword – the content they’re hoping to find by typing it into the search bar. The more closely your content matches this intent, the more likely it is that it will rank highly on search engines like Google.

There are four main types of search intent:

  1. Navigational – your user is looking to access a specific page or website (e.g., ‘TOMD marketing agency’)
  2. Informational – your user is looking for information on a topic (e.g., ‘what is SEO content’)
  3. Commercial – your user is doing research about a product or service they want to purchase in the future (e.g., ‘best marketing agencies in Hertfordshire’)
  4. Transactional – your user wants to purchase something imminently (e.g., ‘buy TOMD newsletters’).

Our copywriters perform extensive analysis of the pages that are currently performing well on Google for your chosen keywords so that they can create content that matches your user’s intent.

Our bespoke content is perfect for firms looking to demonstrate their take on what’s happening in their industry with thought leadership articles and opinion pieces. Bespoke content is also an excellent way for firms to show a bit of personality, helping them demonstrate their unique selling points and strengthen their brand.

Due to the need to answer a user’s search query as precisely and as thoroughly as possible, SEO content tends to be fairly lengthy! Research shows that the average first page search result actually contains around 1,500 words. SEO content can seem unnecessarily long to businesses who are used to shorter, snappier pieces of content, but shorter content can have a detrimental effect on SEO. At TOMD, the software we use gives us a ballpark figure for the ideal length of a piece of content. Essentially, this is the length that your content needs to be to be as informative as your top competitors for your target keywords.

Structure is a very important part of SEO writing. Making your content as well structured and easy to read as possible will encourage people to remain on your page for longer – which can have a direct impact on Google rankings. Clear headings, tables of contents and short, easy-to-read paragraphs are all key to SEO writing.

It is also vital to ensure that search engine optimised content uses language that matches the searcher’s needs. If somebody is looking for a basic guide to mortgages, an article studded with industry jargon and acronyms will likely be off-putting. Our SEO content writers can tailor the readability of your article to your target audience.

Links in your content transfer good SEO you’ve accumulated on one page to another. SEO copywriters will actively look for opportunities to link to other relevant pages on your website, transferring positive SEO from your optimised page to other pages you want to promote.

Our SEO specialists will also identify external pages on authoritative websites that your content can link to – for example, the GOV.UK website or the BBC. Linking to well-known, trusted sites can help boost your website’s own reputation as a provider of reliable and informative content.  

Building the foundations

Optimising your existing content

The great thing about SEO is you don’t always have to start from scratch. In fact, some of the easiest SEO wins come from optimising the content already on your site.

When optimising existing content, we start by analysing your website’s analytics. This helps us understand which pages are already receiving significant traffic from organic search. We will then use our software to recommend strategic, data-driven changes to your page that could reap significant results.

Just a few key optimisations to high-performing pages can further increase the level of traffic they are receiving, bringing more people to your website.

These optimisations may include, for instance, using your target keywords more strategically, writing better headings and updating or adding information to ensure your content is as relevant as possible.

SEO content services tailored to your business

At TOMD, we can help you create a content marketing strategy that puts SEO – i.e., a positive reading experience for your users – at the very heart of everything you produce. Our SEO content writers all have access to market-leading software, enabling them to produce engaging content that satisfies both search engines and search engine users.

We can help you with the production of SEO-optimised:

Website text

Blog posts and articles

News content



Research and white papers

Industry case studies


Landing pages

And more.

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