About us

Dating back to 1999…

The Outsourced Marketing Department (originally set up as TOMD Limited) was established in 1999, providing outsourced and ad hoc marketing services to financial services, legal and accountancy clients. In 2015, it was merged with its sister business The Online Marketing Department, to form one new company.

Inevitably, rather than calling us The Outsourced Marketing Department, clients and partner firms came to refer to us as TOMD. So, in 2019 we rebranded and adopted that name!

We still provide an outsourced service, acting as a client’s own marketing department. Today, we also offer traditional and digital marketing services on an ad hoc basis, and a wide range of ready-to-use products for financial advisory firms.

Our in-depth technical knowledge and our detailed understanding of the sectors we specialise in is reflected in our work. It also explains why so many companies, including many household names, choose to rely on our support.

More than 1500…

Each year, we work with more than 1500 firms. Some of our clients have been using our services for nearly two decades. For those clients for whom we are their marketing department, we will generally be talking and emailing every day, updating plans and feeding back about results. Other firms just use our services once or twice a year, perhaps purchasing some of our ready-to-use content or materials. How you use our services depends on what’s right for you.

If you’re thinking of using our services and would like to speak to some of our clients for references, please just ask and we’ll arrange it for you. Based in Sawbridgeworth, on the Herts/Essex border, and with easy access to the City, our clients are situated across the UK.

Our team

Our team is made up of individuals with a mix of marketing skills and specialist knowledge of the sectors we work in. Above all, we focus on attitude, ensuring that everyone we recruit demonstrates the highest level of customer service. One thing they all share is good business acumen and a knowledge of what makes businesses tick.

As you’d expect, the team comprises copywriters, designers, account managers, researchers and PR specialists. Jo, our Technical and Content Director, is a Chartered Wealth Manager and she worked for many years within a leading regional firm. Her role is to ensure that our content is both technically correct and relevant. Catherine, another member of the team, worked as an IFA and mortgage broker for 18 years. Our work in the legal sector is supported by experience of working within and for firms of solicitors and barristers over 20 years.

Ready-to-use materials