Marketing for solicitors, barristers and legal professionals

Specialist legal marketing services

We work closely with a wide range of legal firms providing a variety of marketing services. For some clients, we are their marketing department, taking on the whole range of activities needed to promote their firm. For others, we undertake projects that they lack the time, resources and focus to complete on their own.

Our expertise and sector knowledge means that we can help with both strategy and implementation. That expertise also means that we very quickly understand your requirements and identify relevant solutions.

Like most businesses, legal firms have had to embrace social media and the need to develop topical and interesting content on an almost daily basis. For many clients, we write blogs and social media on their behalf, enabling them to focus on delivering legal services.

Clients appreciate our knowledge and experience

Within our team, we have people who know, first-hand, the marketplace and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

We have practical experience of dealing with the marketing needs of legal firms, including:

  • Conducting brand audits, rebranding exercises and profile-building campaigns
  • Managing PR campaigns and requirements – often dealing with sensitive issues
  • Developing websites and keeping them up-to-date and relevant to client needs
  • Writing and distributing newsletters and email campaigns
  • Authoring blogs, profiles and opinion pieces
  • Developing social media campaigns
  • Devising new business presentations and coaching your in-house presenters

Whether we work with you on an ad hoc or an ongoing outsourced basis, you’ll find us responsive and quick to assimilate your needs, turning them into campaigns that deliver real business results.

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