Marketing services for legal professionals

According to the Law Society, driving new business is one of the top five challenges facing law firms today. 

Competing in a crowded market

The legal services market is becoming ever more competitive, with cheap online services increasingly catching the eye of consumers. 

Meanwhile, the cost of living crisis has resulted in clients becoming more price-sensitive.

“It’s not always sustainable or appropriate to cut prices to be the cheapest,” the Law Society says. “Firms need to consider other ways to differentiate themselves.”

TOMD can help you do just that.

Experienced legal specialists

For decades, TOMD has worked with solicitors, barristers and other legal professionals to develop effective marketing strategies and promote business growth.

The clients we work with have a broad variety of marketing needs and objectives. For some, we comprise their entire marketing department and take care of all their day-to-day and specialist marketing activities. Some will use us to support their existing marketing team with more niche and specialist tasks, for example website design, PR or legal copywriting.

Bespoke legal solutions

Marketing with your business in mind

There are many characteristics unique to the legal sector that can render marketing more challenging.

At TOMD, our work with businesses similar to your own means that we understand these particular marketing pain points. Over the years, we have developed specific solutions to resolve them. But we also get to know you and the challenges you face as a business, so that we can tailor our approach to your goals and circumstances.

For example:

  • Most legal clients use law firms out of necessity, not because they want to, and often at very difficult periods in their life. This can make them more difficult to market to than, say, somebody buying a holiday or a new pair of shoes!
  • Translating complex legal jargon and concepts into quality content that will engage your audience isn’t easy.
  • Many law firms offer a broad range of very different legal services – from conveyancing and wills to dispute resolution and family law – all with very different target audiences.
  • Unless they have a large marketing department, most law firms lack the time, skills and resources to implement an effective marketing strategy.

How can we help

Access to a full team of legal marketing specialists

TOMD can offer access to a 20-strong team of legal marketing consultants, copywriters, graphic design specialists and web developers – often for less than the price of hiring a single in-house marketing executive.

We can help with:

  • Engaging blog posts that tackle difficult legal topics using language your audience can understand and relate to
  • Content marketing to help you approach difficult and emotive topics such as divorce and medical negligence with sensitivity and empathy
  • Online marketing campaigns that reach your target audience(s) at the moment they are most likely to require legal services
  • Social media posts and graphics that keep you top-of-mind for your followers
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) to secure high rankings on search engines like Google, ensuring potential clients can find you when searching for legal services
  • Interesting case studies to let potential clients know how you have previously helped people just like themselves
  • Bespoke websites that showcase your expertise and maximise leads and instructions
  • Press releases and other public relations activity
  • Print and digital advertisements
  • Graphic design, including marketing collateral, corporate brochures, event flyers, newsletters and more.

Let’s talk

We can be your marketing department

Our marketing services can be entirely tailored to your needs. We’ll discuss your requirements with you and arrive at a service level agreement that we’re all happy with. If you just need support with certain aspects of your marketing, that’s fine – you can use our services on an ad hoc basis as the need arises. For those who require more support, our bespoke retainer service includes dedicated account management, regular catch ups and progress reports, and an excellent working relationship. Most of our clients forget that we’re not actually a member of their own firm!

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