How the new TOMD brand reflects our values

As a specialist professional services marketing company, the experience of conducting our own rebrand has been insightful for many reasons. This blog discusses the result of the TOMD rebrand and how our new image reflects our values.

TOMD’s values

The main reason we decided to undergo a full rebrand was that we wanted to update our brand so that it better reflects our values, which are:

  • Progressive
  • Honest
  • Open
  • Respectful
  • Collaborative
  • Pragmatic
  • Straightforward.

These values encompass our aspirational brand attributes such as ‘Accessible’, ‘Friendly’ and ‘Realistic’ and our collective team brand attributes, which include ‘Personalised’, ‘Seamless’ and ‘Partnership.’ So, how can these ideals be communicated through our brand image?

A website that reflects who we are

The TOMD rebrand includes a complete overhaul of our website, as well as a new logo and design. We’ve also re-written our website content and updated all resources involved in client communication. Not a quick job!

Our new website combines personality and professionalism. The clean white background and accessible headings put simplicity and client experience at the forefront of our design, while photos of our team (complete with likes and dislikes) demonstrate the authentic and personable nature of our work.

As well as putting our people at the front and centre of who we are as a business, the website aspires to add value for prospective clients through engaging blog posts and resources. We have devised new sections that simplify the presentation of our services, as well as intuitive, easy-to-navigate menus that improve the user experience.

A dynamic logo

Creating a logo involves thinking not only about developing an attractive design, but also about how it is communicating the key messages of your brand to your clients.

TOMD’s value proposition is:

We deliver seamless marketing solutions by partnering with professional services firms

So, how can our seamless delivery, partnership and professionalism be communicated through a logo? Or, to put it another way: what logo design would make prospective clients instantly recognise our brand messaging?

Our new logo uses the infinity symbol in place of a full stop after our name. Infinity is a powerful symbol that communicates the seamless delivery, partnership and collaboration that characterise our work.

The symbol also conveys our commitment to continue learning and to ensure we are continually reviewing and evolving the technology we use. By keeping the script style consistent with the font style, the logo further emphasises seamlessness, as well as adding personality.

The longer-form logo, which features the tagline, ‘Your preferred marketing partner,’ includes the double forward slash symbol. This reinforces the ‘progression’ and ‘partnership’ elements of our brand values, in addition to simplicity and straightforwardness.

More than an end product

Beyond simply creating an appealing new design, the process of rebranding provides numerous additional opportunities. Since we started working on our rebrand, we have had the chance to:

  1. Reflect on brand values and company culture

Throughout the process, the whole TOMD team has been involved in discussions about our values, what we are trying to accomplish and how the new image can help us realise these goals. At Team Days, we have brainstormed ideas and priorities, making the process as collaborative as possible.

  1. Review everything about client contact

A company’s branding is one of the most obvious ways through which it interacts with clients, but it is only one of many examples. Within the rebranding process, we have made time to discuss everything from telephone manner to email signatures, ensuring that every aspect of our outward-facing appearances showcases our brand values.

  1. Communicate with clients new and old

The immediate aftermath of a rebrand can be a great time to get in touch with your existing clients and reach out to potential new clients. In the spirit of openness and honesty, we have shared updates about our rebranding, as well as insights into the experience. Doing so helps us show how much we value our client relationships.

More of the same

With a new logo, redesigned website and changes in the way we introduce ourselves and our services, our rebranding process was a major undertaking. From colour palettes and a new logo to reaffirming our business identity, our experience is a great example of the care and attention involved in a rebranding process.

Despite all the change, TOMD is the same honest, pragmatic, friendly and professional company it has been for more than two decades. To see what we can do for you, get in touch today!

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