A website is not enough

Building a website that reflects your values and promotes your services is a great first step to communicating with your clients. Next up: a content communication plan. Communicating with your clients It is, of course, very important to tailor your website in a way that speaks to your target audiences. Everything from the design and […]

Spotlight on Lucie

Lucie, our Corporate Marketing Administration Executive, joined TOMD in July 2022. In this post, she reflects on her first year with the company, the crossover between working with children and marketing… and her surprising talent for axe-throwing. “No two days are the same” As a key point of contact for clients, Lucie has a varied […]

What three words define your business?

The online location service, what3words, allows users to pinpoint a location anywhere in the world using three common-usage words. It helps millions of people find out where they are or where they want to go and has been used by the emergency services to save lives. As an example, the TOMD office in Allen House […]

How the new TOMD brand reflects our values

As a specialist professional services marketing company, the experience of conducting our own rebrand has been insightful for many reasons. This blog discusses the result of the TOMD rebrand and how our new image reflects our values. TOMD’s values The main reason we decided to undergo a full rebrand was that we wanted to update […]

Spotlight on Chloe, our senior copywriter

Chloe Wingate is senior creative copywriter and digital marketing specialist and the first member of the team to be profiled in our new series shining a spotlight on the people who make TOMD tick. To coincide with Deaf Awareness Week 2023, Chloe has shared some insights into her experiences of hearing loss in the workplace. […]

How (and why) to rebrand

It goes without saying that your brand is more than a name or logo. Your brand is how prospective clients find you, how current clients perceive you and how your employees feel about your company. Your brand encapsulates your values, identity and services; it says a lot about who you are and what your company […]

New Consumer Duty rules – four months to go

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA’s) new Consumer Duty rules will place higher expectations on the standard of care that firms provide to consumers. Designed to ensure a higher level of consumer protection in retail financial markets, the new rules are about putting customers’ needs first. In this post, we’ll explain the importance of compliance and […]

Marketing financial services to women

Marketing to a specific gender can be politically sensitive in 2023. As society crawls towards equality between men and women, this is also being reflected in marketing. Gone are the days of a general acceptance of misogynistic messaging in adverts (and good riddance). In its place are the basics of marketing: choosing a target audience and ensuring you are communicating with them clearly.

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