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Autumn Statement 2023

Our Autumn Statement 2023 campaign is coming soon and will be available to order via your store account. You can pre-order this now and these items will be available on Thursday 23 November as soon as possible following compliance approval.

Campaign Contents

Campaign Contents

This campaign is ideal for engaging and informing your clients across multiple channels, including your website, email and social media. You can either buy individual elements or the whole campaign:

  • A video (available in two different styles) – a punchy, engaging overview of the key Statement headlines – ideal for use on social media to drive traffic to your website*. You can choose from either a video with static icons in the background or a video with video clips in the background.
  • A PDF document – a four-page, in depth A4 document covering all the major Statement announcements – add to your website or send out physical printed copies. To view a previous version of this, use the link here.
  • An HTML email template – the publication in a professionally designed email format, ideal for emailing to your clients**.
  • A Word document – a text-only version of the full publication, for deployment as required.
  • Social media posts – to accompany the PDF and video – use these to help you drive traffic to the text on your website.
  • Short form email content – a short summary you can email to your clients, encouraging them to read the text on your website.
  • A campaign guide – for suggestions on how to deploy the campaign elements for best results. You can use the link here to get this.

*We cannot accept video orders after 5pm on Tuesday 21 November 2023.

** Do you send all your publications to all your clients? Ideally, you’d send different publications to different clients based on what they interested in or what’s relevant to them. Now is the perfect time to think about segmenting your data ready for the Autumn Statement!

Please note: Some website subscription packages, within the News section include the Statement information on a web page – which we’ll automatically upload. If your website news subscription doesn’t include this, we can add it to your site as a one off (prices below).

Campaign Details

Personalised with your details

The videos will be branded with your logo and contact details.

The Statement in PDF and HTML formats can be personalised with your logo and contact details. For an extra cost, printed copies are available.

The Statement, social media posts and short-form email content are all available as Word documents.


All of the items will have been pre-approved by some networks and service providers. You will need to be sure that they meet your requirements.

The cost

All of the items listed above are included in the campaign package, which costs just £195 +VAT (only one video per campaign package).

Or, if you have a Communication Package available through TOMD, (which already includes the PDF, HTML, social media posts or the Statement as a web page), you can purchase the video and short-form email content for just £135 + VAT.


These items are also available to buy separately as per the costs below:

Video: £175 + VAT (or, £135 + VAT for existing subscribers, see above)

PDF: £75 + VAT (to also convert this into a digital flipbook, add £30 + VAT)

HTML: £75 + VAT

Word document: £75 + VAT

Print: Prices start at £92 (no VAT) for 25 copies (plus delivery fee).


Autumn Statement videos

As usual, for Autumn Statement videos, you need to order soon, as unfortunately we can’t accept video orders after 5pm on 21 November 2023.

In order to produce your personalised Statement video, we will need:

  • A choice of which video you want to order
  • Your company logo – please send this in the highest quality format you have available, for example an EPS, PNG or high-quality JPG file.
  • Your company telephone number
  • Your company email address
  • Your company website URL

This should be available as soon as possible on the 23 November, providing we have received your payment.

Video examples

You can see examples of each different available video here:

Video clip version example

Icon version example

What to do next?

Register your interest now!

You can click here to log into the online store to pre-order the campaign. Or, if you would like more information, you can email or call us and one of the team will be in touch.

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