Simply End of Tax Year marketing campaign

End of Tax Year marketing

Providing you with all you need to communicate the importance of end of Tax Year Planning

Campaign Contents

For just £295 plus VAT, we’ll provide you with:

  • Template video, highlighting what people need to consider, especially the various allowances – this can be added to your website or posted on social media
  • Four page End of Tax Year Planning Guide
  • Four pageISA guide
  • One page ISA flyer, perfect for quickly explaining the benefits of ISAs
  • Four page Introduction to Pensions Guide, all people need to know about the basics about pensions
  • Two page Tax Guidedetailing all the tax rates up to the end of the 2022/23 tax year
  • A 400 word article for use as an email or on your website
  • A 125 word short-form article, great to post on LinkedIn or just as a short article on your website
  • Four social media posts which can either be used standalone or to link to the article or one of the guides on your website

Campaign Details

Personalised with your details

All the guides and the ISA flyer are available as a PDF personalised with your logo and contact details or as a word document. For an extra cost, printed copies are available.

The video will be branded with your logo, contact details and brand colours.

The articles and social media posts are available as word documents.


All the items have been pre-approved by the compliance team.

The cost

All of the items listed above are included in the package which costs just £295 plus VAT. The combined cost of the individual items if purchased separately would be in excess of £450 plus VAT.

Campaign videos

Available in just two working days

Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll send you your package of materials within two working days. It’s as easy as that!

Video examples

You can see examples of each different available video here:

End of Tax Year Planning

Four-page guide


Four-page guide

ISA Flyer

One-page guide


Four-page guide

Tax Guide 2023-24

Two-page guide

What to do next?

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