Bespoke marketing services

Bespoke, specialist marketing services

Whether you are a financial services, legal or accountancy firm, when you need marketing advice and support, you need a business that understands your business.

As a specialist marketing agency, with many years of experience working with financial, legal and accountancy firms, we have the in-house resources, ability and sector-specific knowledge to enable us to be your marketing department or to deliver ad hoc projects tailored to your specific requirements. Whether it’s creating your marketing strategy, building a new website, developing a new brand or managing your client communications, TOMD can help.

Marketing and communication plans

Ideally, every business would have a clear marketing strategy in place, along with a client communication plan. Finding the time to create and maintain these can be difficult. We can help you develop your strategy and create actionable and practical marketing plans.

If your strategy is already set, we will help you to implement it, providing sensible advice, based on real knowledge and understanding of your sector. We will focus on your objectives, adhering to your budget – and we’ll be honest about what is and isn’t achievable.

Ad hoc projects

Sometimes, you might you just need some short-term support or help with a specific project. Our in-house team of designers and copywriters are financial and legal experts, with years of experience and extensive domain knowledge. This means that you won’t have to explain how your business works, the regulatory issues or the quirks of the industry. So, once you have briefed us, you can leave us to get on with delivering the solution you want – just like an in-house team.

The projects we undertake vary in type and size, but at the heart of most of what we do are the traditional skills of design and copywriting. Today, these are combined with social media expertise and technical knowledge.

Most firms have an almost unquenchable need for content, whether it’s blogs and social media posts, or newsletters and guides. Each year we write over 500 articles and even more social media posts, often with accompanying infographics, for clients.

We also write, design and send email campaigns on behalf of many firms, analysing and reporting back on the results.

When we create bespoke materials, such as brochures, we spend time looking at your existing collateral and website to get a feel for your brand. We’ll discuss your vision for the product and provide our designers and copywriters with a detailed brief based on your exact requirements. You’ll have the opportunity to give us feedback as we go along, ensuring that the finished product is tailored to your exact specifications.

Bespoke websites

We also specialise in providing custom-made websites, which are designed and built by our web development team. They have years of experience in creating bespoke sites for wealth management companies, financial advisory firms, solicitors and many other firms who wanted web development expertise and the sector-specific knowledge that we are in a unique place to provide.

When we take on a bespoke website project, we follow a similar process to when creating bespoke documents and materials. We’ll have an initial briefing with you to discuss your vision for your website, and we’ll spend time getting a feel for your brand to ensure this comes across on every page of your site. You’ll also get plenty of opportunity to provide us with feedback as your website takes shape, to ensure it’s exactly as you imagined it to be. If you’d like more information on our bespoke websites, click here.

Outsourced marketing

If you’d like us to take on a bespoke project for you, or you’re thinking of outsourcing your marketing, just give us a call on 01279 657555 or email us at We are always happy to talk.

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