Why outsource your marketing?

The reasons that businesses outsource their marketing vary, but there is one common, underlying factor – change. A key marketing person has left; a start-up needs to establish a marketing function; the company is growing or simply results need to improve.

Benefits of outsourcing your marketing

  • Allows greater internal focus, on the ‘core’ business areas
  • Removes recruitment, retention, sickness, training issues
  • Only pay for what you need – flexibility to increase / decrease
  • Access to a complete range of marketing skills
  • Can be undertaken in your business’s name

How it works

Outsourcing provides an easily manageable resource which enables you to deliver professional results to your clients and end-users.

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    The model

    • We act as the client's marketing department or to support existing resources
    • Client has access to complete range of professional marketing services
    • Service is tailored to meet each individual client's needs
    • We agree service level agreements (SLAs)
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    Typical process

    • Appoint dedicated Account Manager
    • Daily email/telephone contact
    • Weekly updates
    • Monthly informal review
    • Quarterly formal review
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    What we charge

    • Fixed fee, based on estimated number of monthly hours
    • Monthly retainer cost starts at approximately £1.5k plus VAT
    • Actual costs vary based on number of hours/length of contract
    • Annual contract with three month break clause

Want to know more?

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