Spring newsletters and tax guides for MyMarketing subscribers

FREE printed 2022/23 A4 tax guides with every newsletter print order


If you subscribe to the MyCommunications package or the Communication package, both provided by TOMD, you’ll be able to download the Spring 2022 editions of the quarterly newsletters and magazine via your online store account in early April – we’ll let you know when they have been uploaded.

Please view samples below:

You will also be able to download an updated A4 tax guide for the 2022-23 tax year.


This year, we are offering FREE printed copies of the A4 tax guide with every newsletter print order. For every printed copy of our newsletters or magazine you order, you’ll receive a printed A4 tax guide, unbranded, (so, order 50 printed newsletters and you’ll receive 50 free unbranded A4 tax guides).

If you’d like branded copies of the A4 tax guide, or of the ever-popular pocket-sized tax guide, you can order these now. See prices below. Package subscribers get a 10% reduction off the cost of the printed newsletters. However, if you order printed copies of the newsletter and branded copies of either of the tax guides, you’ll get a 15% discount off the total cost of the newsletter and tax guides.


If you live and/or work in Scotland and would prefer to receive Scottish versions of the tax guides, please let us know.


Package subscribers are eligible for free PDF and HTML versions of the newsletters and free PDF versions of the magazine and the A4 tax guide.

For an additional cost, you can also order printed copies, or for an extra £30 (plus vat) have the newsletters or magazine converted into interactive digital flipbooks.

The print prices below are before the discount is applied.

  25 50 100 200 300 400 500
Newsletter n/a £75 £120 £152 £184 £210 £225
Magazine £95 £142 £247 £410 £562 £698 £730
A4 branded tax guides £75 £81 £88 £100 £112 £124 £135
Branded pocket tax guides n/a £92.50 £106 £145 £175 £205 £235

If you’d like to know more, need prices for different quantities, or you’d like to place an order, contact TOMD by emailing pre-order@tomd.co.uk

Delivery costs apply to all printed orders.

Please note, the printed newsletters, magazines and guides are zero-rated for vat, however vat will be added to delivery costs which are £11.25 per order.

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