Ready-to-use materials

Ready-to-use, perfect for smaller firms

Creating newsletters and updates for your clients, writing fresh content for your website, and drafting social media posts takes time and resources. Many firms don’t have the time or the in-house skills to consistently produce professional, topical materials and content that keep your clients up-to-date with the latest financial news. For many firms, sourcing external help makes sense, and removes the inevitable stress.

While producing bespoke communication items and writing bespoke content are preferred by many firms, because they are developed in your firm’s particular style and cater specifically to your audience, they can prove expensive and may be beyond the reach of smaller firms.

Our ready-to-use materials, produced especially for financial advisory and wealth management firms, are very cost-effective and give you access to hundreds of professional documents at highly competitive prices. They can be personalised with your company logo and details to make them unique to you. And the best part? Our prices start from as little as £70 plus VAT.

If you’re unsure whether ready-to-use or bespoke content would best suit your needs, click here to read our insightful article on the benefits that each type could bring to your business.

We work with many of the major networks and service providers to produce client communications specifically for their firms. So, if you’re part of a network or work with a service provider, please let us know and we’ll explain what’s on offer. 

Created and written by industry experts

Our in-house team of designers and copywriters are financial services specialists, with years of experience working for and with financial advisory firms. Jo Trueman, our Content and Technical Director, who is also a Chartered Wealth Manager, oversees the production of over 100 publications and more than 500 articles every year, ensuring that the content is technically correct, as well as relevant for intermediaries to provide to their clients.

We carefully consider the needs of advisers and their clients when creating and writing our  materials. We choose topics that your clients need to know about, and offer a balance between timeless themes that will always be relevant, such as pensions, investments, protection and mortgages, and topical and newsworthy articles that deal with financial developments. We use simple, straightforward language, even when writing about complex financial topics, and endeavour to make all technical information fully accessible to readers.

Our materials

All our products are ready-to-use exactly as they are – we simply brand them with your logo and contact details and provide them to you in your preferred format (PDF, print or HTML). Alternatively, you could mix and match – taking our content and adapting it, or combining it with your own materials.

You can purchase each document on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis or, for access to all the materials we produce, you can subscribe to our very cost-effective Client Communication Package. Find out more about the Communication Package here.

Our range of materials includes:

Ready-to-use websites

Not only do we supply ready-to-use documents and promotional materials – we also provide financial advisory firms with modern and sophisticated website packages which can be set up and ready-to-use within a matter of days. They come with pre-approved compliant content, a choice of images and designs, as well as optional additional features such as the opportunity to have  news articles and other materials added on a regular basis.

Click here to find out more about our different levels of template websites, what they cost and the features you’ll have access to.

Our website packages are the perfect choice for smaller firms who want a quick, cost-effective and stress-free website solution that’s easy-to-use and professional-looking. However, if you’re a larger firm with a strong brand, whose site needs to represent their unique identity and offering, and who have specific and more complex requirements, then we also build custom-designed, completely bespoke websites from scratch to meet your exact specifications. Find out more about our bespoke websites here.

Online news articles and updates, perfect for your website

We produce pre-approved, compliant news articles which can be regularly uploaded to your existing website (best done via a subdomain), or to a bespoke website we’ve built for you. These timely and topical news articles, Economic and Property updates, budget summaries and other materials will show your clients that you have your finger on the pulse of all things financial.

To have the news articles (typically two per week) added to your website, it will cost £35* per month or £350* per year upfront.

If you’d like our Economic and Property reviews, and budget summaries in addition to the news articles, the cost will be £45* per month or £450* per year upfront.

These online news articles and materials are also included in the cost of some of our ready-to-use website packages.

Whatever you need, ready to go

Whether you need news articles for your existing website, a newsletter to regularly send out to clients, a comprehensive range of client communication materials or your very own company website, we can help. To find out more about our ready-to-use solutions for financial advisory firms, call us on 01279 657555 or email us at

Ready-to-use materials