Specialist marketing for financial networks

Over the years, TOMD has worked with most of the UK’s major financial networks and service providers, offering a full range of marketing services for both them and their members. We help networks and providers to attract new members with eye-catching websites, advertising and design work at head office level, as well as boosting member retention through an attractive marketing service for their firms, spanning websites, social media, content and design.

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We have worked within the heavily regulated financial services industry for over two decades, and ensure we stay abreast of all regulatory changes introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority and other regulatory bodies. Furthermore, our Technical & Content team is headed by a Chartered Wealth Manager, and our content is produced by specialist copywriters who also hail from financial backgrounds. They liaise closely with each network or service provider’s compliance team to ensure that every piece of content we produce is fully approved and compliant before they are delivered to firms.

In many cases the content we provide is entirely unique to your network. This means that no firm from another network or service provider will have access to the same content as your members. What is more, our content deployment team ensure that all news articles and publications are automatically uploaded to your members’ websites, taking the administrative burden off you and them, and leaving all parties with more time to do what they do best.

Work with a team who knows your industry

Marketing for the financial services industry is very different to consumer marketing, and marketing for networks is more different still! Working with an agency who understands these differences is key to reaching your marketing objectives.

To find out how we can assist you, simply email us at marketing@tomd.co.uk or call 01279 657555.

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