Communicating in difficult times

Helping Wealth Managers, IFAs and Mortgage Brokers communicate with clients

Communicating with clients is critical at any time, it’s even more the case during difficult times. While health concerns are clearly top of the list of consumers’ concerns, given the stockmarket turbulence, they will also be worried about their savings and investments and will be looking to their IFA or wealth manager for reassurance and advice.

In addition to the general, personalised contact you have with your clients, you also need to consider what communications you send to clients and what information clients, and potential clients, can access on your website or via your social media.

Although stockmarket news will be key it makes sense to provide other general financial information.

Providing up-to-date content

We can help in a number of ways:

  • Provide content that you can add to your website
  • Provide a sub-domain that links to your website with different categories of news – this is a simple solution that we host and update
  • Set up email campaigns to send to clients with pre-written content
  • Set up your social media accounts and provide content for you to post – or we can post it for you
  • Provide one off documents such as ‘Investing in Difficult Times’ that can be personalised to your brand for you to send to clients

We work with most of the major networks and service providers.

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