Business Christmas card

Why send a Christmas card?

20th November 2019

Christmas is an extremely busy time for most companies as well but taking the time to send a card to your clients is a quick, easy way of reminding clients that you value their business.

So, why send a Christmas card?

It’s a good way of keeping in touch

However good (or bad) you are at keeping in touch, sending Christmas cards is another way of doing just that. And just as sending cards to clients shows that you appreciate them, previous and potential clients, along with introducers and suppliers, will also welcome the seasonal goodwill gesture.

It’s free advertising

If you send your Christmas cards early enough, chances are it’ll be on display in the client’s home or office for the majority of the festive month. So, if your card is branded with your company logo and contact details, it can become a marketing tool that helps to raise awareness of your brand and services among their contacts, too.

It can help your client retention rates

New Year is a time of change, and it’s often a time that clients might consider switching service providers or finding a new deal. A well-timed Christmas card has the potential to reinforce client loyalty and cause them to rethink any decision to switch.

Dos and don’ts

DO personalise your message –handwriting the name of the recipient and signing it yourself might take time, but it’s worth it. A huge 83% of people genuinely believe that more thought and feeling goes into a handwritten missive.[2]

DO check the contact details – there’s nothing more embarrassing than getting a client’s contact details wrong or, worse, misspelling their name.

DO send an e-card (in the right circumstances). With the global environmental crisis firmly on the political agenda, many consumers (particularly those in younger age brackets) are becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability and are focusing on finding providers with a strong environmental ethic. According to Mintel, only 43% of 16-24-year-olds and 49% of 25-34-year-olds bought Christmas cards in 2017.[3] Sending a Christmas e-card to clients that includes a short explanation of your company’s ESG policy will certainly appeal to clients looking to incorporate sustainability into their lifestyles.

DON’T leave it too late – this will diminish the card’s value and may leave the impression that you are disorganised.

DON’T use Christmas cards as an attempt to directly market your products or services. It is meant to be a thank you and goodwill gesture, so making it overly commercial won’t help your cause. 

We can help

In the UK, we buy more cards per person than any other nation, and at TOMD we see high demand for our festive cards each year. To cater for these requirements, we have produced 10 beautifully designed Christmas cards for 2019, all of which can be personalised with your company’s name and logo. They are available in both print and HTML email formats, with free delivery on print orders until 30th November. To see our range, please click here.


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